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Welcome to Our Berry Family!  These pages are a work in progress with the ultimate goal of providing a documented trail establishing the lineage of our ancestors.  Where there is speculation, it will be noted, but every effort will be made to substantiate our data.

For those researching your own Berry lines or other related families, we hope you find these pages useful.  If you do find a link with our lines, please be sure to contact us.

Please be patient, we have just begun this endeavor.  More to come.

Who Were Our Ancestors?

Russell Berry asked this questions many years ago. Uncle Russ tracked our ancestors back a considerable distance using the limited resources available to him at the time. The explosion of genealogy research over the last twenty years with the advent of the Internet has brought us much closer to answering many of his questions. With the Internet (and a some foot pounding), we believe we have broken through Uncle Russ’ brick wall and leaped back four generations to hit our own “brick wall” in the Berry line.

Along the way we added much to our family history. We found the gravesites of our ancestor, Sarah Bryan, niece of Daniel Boone. We have not been to her mother’s gravesite [Mary Boone, sister of Daniel], but have information as to its possible location. We walked the land of James Grimes and Sarah Bryan and seen their home that still stands on the property.

When we think of how our ancestors lived, log cabins come to mind. This was true in the very early days of our country and as territories were opened. But log cabins didn’t last long. Our ancestors built wonderful homes. James Grimes and Sarah Bryan's home still stands on the property where they were buried. The Old Grimes Mill that research by Harry G. Enoch supports was built by James’ brother, Charles is located near James’ property and was most certainly used by him. Charles’ beautiful home is just past the mill with was built (by slaves) using Kentucky River marble.

The data included in this document is merely a beginning. This is a “working document.” Research continues, generations are born, and errors will need to be corrected.

In Recognition

This publication is dedicated to the late Russell Berry, PhD, who provided the foundation and much of the data and without whom this work, would not exist.

While doing our research we identified several cousins, the descendants of siblings of our ancestors and they have, gratefully, filled in gaps and provided much documentation to support our research.

Our cousins include, Pamela Hendrell, Rosemary Kutch and her sister, Ramona Joyce Sadlon, Mary Scholz, and Jeannie Smith.

This publication is dedicated to the late Russell Berry, PhD, who provided the foundation and much of the data and without whom this work, would not exist.

A “Thank You” is owed to many others including these family researchers Guy C. Berry, Herman Berry, Jim Berry, Jon Berry, Mary Scholz, and Pam Hendrell. A special thanks to cousin, Jackie Berry, and my granddaughter, Keely, who spent part of their summers helping me dig through dozens of books and records and copying pertinent material.

Ramona Sadlon and her sister, Rosemary Kutch, both descendants of Killian Berry, have spent many more years researching the Berry family than I. Their research provided the links to connect us to four Berry generations, and, what we believe to be, John Berry’s father, Garrett Berry. I am grateful beyond words for the information they have supplied.

And especially to cousin Charles Elston [Chuck] Berry who has made his own research pilgrimages, returning to Washington with some really great “finds.” Without his research, great organizational skills, and his unwavering assistance there would be many missing gaps in this research.

Rather than publishing this document in traditional paper form, Chuck and I agreed, the Internet was the medium of choice. Maintaining this as a “virtual document” allows for ease in making additions and corrections. If the reader wants a printed version, it’s as simple as pressing the “print” button (just make sure you have plenty of ink and paper!).


Spotlight on Ancestors

These ancestors have written about their lives.

"My Lucky Life" by Tom Berry

"My Life on the Prairie"by Geneva Berry

 "Pioneer Homesteadersby Lois Berry 

"Westward Wending: The Migrations of the James T Berry Family" by Ray M. Berry


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